Friday, February 28, 2014

Bhangra, Swabhimaan, and Shivratri

This week has gone by so fast!

We have been working hard at LSRM and are ready to put together our final recommendations and report for next week's presentation.  We also visited another LSRM family to learn more about the cost of education in Punjab.

Meeting an LSRM family in their town of Sarhind
On Wednesday night, we took a Bhangra/Bollywood class with Footloose dance and yoga studio.  We learned some pretty awesome moves - I think we are ready for our IBM CSC bhangra debut!  Check out the video our instructor posted of us :)
Bollywood dancing

Bhangra dancing
On Thursday, we celebrated Shivratri, a Hindu festival celebrating one of their deities, Lord Shiva.  We went to a parade and temple, and even received holy water from the Ganges river!

Parade - can you spot the snake?
With our holy water
Musicians at the parade
The Hindu temple on Shivratri
Looking at the temple
On Friday, we volunteered at a Swabhimaan school for a fun day of educational activities.  Swabhimaan focuses on providing education to children living BPL (below the poverty line).  We have a team of IBMers working with Swabhimaan NGO and they did a great job organizing the event! The children rotated between our activity stations.  Kazu and I teamed up to do origami - we taught the students how to make a dog and fortune teller.  It was so much fun to hang out and play with the kids - it was a great end to the week!
With the teachers at Swabhimaan school
Students with their certificates
Rajeev with the students and their origami dogs
Kazu with one of the students

Word of the day: thika - ok

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