Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kicking off our CSC Project!

The past 3 days have been incredibly busy as we kicked off our projects!  My IBM team, including Peter from Hungary and Lukas from Czech Republic, met our clients, Rajeev and Jatin, from the Ludhiana Steel Rolling Mill on Monday.

Our CSC and Ludhiana Steel Rolling Mills team: Jatin, Rajeev, Lukas, me, and Peter
After our first meeting, we had a team debrief with the IBM team and Mamtha, our IBM India contact and Shruti, our Indian contact from Pyxera Global.
Team debrief meeting after the kickoff
On Tuesday, Peter, Lukas, and I went to the Ludhiana Steel Rolling Mills (LSRM) for our first day on the job.  We got a tour of the manufacturing area, which was really cool.  More pictures and info about the manufacturing processes in a future post.  I also gave Rajeev a Chicago Bulls hat so he can promote Chicago in Ludhiana :)

Rajeev wearing his new Chicago Bulls hat!

We also met with Mr. Jain, the partner/CEO of LSRM.  We discussed his vision for the girl's education CSR program and our planned methodology and approach.  More about our project and Mr. Jain coming soon.

On Wednesday, we went to another LSRM manufacturing facility focused on forging.  The forging facility forges steel, which is more dense and stronger, whereas the rolling mill facility uses rollers to create large steel rods which are lighter and less dense.  They also have the largest Chinese hammer in the state of Punjab, which is used for forging the steel and made the ground shake with every blow.  See below for some pictures from our visit!
Workers setting the hot steel to cool
View of the forging facility
Workers forging the hot steel
The company garden, where employees can take vegetables home for their families
Finished goods ready for transport
Forging the steel with the largest Chinese hammer in Punjab
Jagdish, the coolest Sindh
Transportation truck driver
for Ludhiana Steel Rolling Mills!

Peter and Lukas at the forging plant

We will be conducting a needs assessment with our stakeholders using focus groups, interviews, and an employee survey to understand the needs of girl children to help us shape our girl's education program.  We got to interview 5 employees to test out our survey questionnaire today and will continue the needs assessment through next week.

Interviewing an LSRM employee about girl's education

To cap off our day, we stopped to get sugar cane juice from a roadside stand.  So delicious and refreshing!

Drinking sugar cane juice from a roadside stand

Word of the day: dhanyavad/shukria - thank you

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  1. Awesome seems like a lot of countries make some type of squished cane juice.

    1. Haha yes! This tasted a little different than the one in Tanzania actually, which was interesting. They put lime and salt in it as well...